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Name Course College Location yRank
Nishakant Mishra Nishakant Mishra BE BTech JSSATE Kanpur 1
Ashish Nishad Ashish Nishad BE BTech BBDESGI Lucknow 2
Pradeep Kumar Shukla Pradeep Kumar Shukla MCA ATSSIICMR Pune 3
Pawan Kumar Sharma Pawan Kumar Sharma BE BTech JGIET Jaipur 4
Jagriti Pandey Jagriti Pandey ME MTech GEU Ahmedabad 5
Sarvani Kasa Sarvani Kasa ME MTech MCET Hyderabad 6
Vijay Raut Vijay Raut ME MTech PICT Pune 7
Mukti Narayan Ray Mukti Narayan Ray BE BTech GKV Bangalore 8
Akhil K Akhil K BE BTech HMITS Hyderabad 9
Bharat Ratna Bharat Ratna BE BTech SDMCET Bangalore 10
Mirza Mohsin Baig Mirza Mohsin Baig BE BTech JNU Bangalore 11
Aravind V. Nair Aravind V. Nair BE BTech ASEB Bangalore 12
Anil Singh Butola Anil Singh Butola MCA HNBGU Srinagar Garhwal 13
V Sunil Kumar V Sunil Kumar BE BTech VIT Bangalore 14
Sharad Mishra Sharad Mishra BE BTech ICET Greater Noida 15
Nikunj Baisoni Nikunj Baisoni BE BTech NIEC Sahibabad 16
Bikramjit Ghosh Bikramjit Ghosh BE BTech GCETTS Kolkata 17
Beeresh Tiwari Beeresh Tiwari PGDCA MCRPV Rewa 18
Navya Teja Navya Teja BE BTech KLU Bangalore 19
Ajit Singh Ajit Singh BE BTech IET Alwar 20
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    Performance based on freelance projects by companies where they pay and certify for work
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  • Adaptive intelligence test
    yScores are based on intelligent adaptive tests to determine the True Talent level
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  • Activeness
    Based on user activity and profile we determine youth with real interest for work.
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