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Name Course College Location yRank
Anas Malik Anas Malik MBA QC Ladwa 1
Surjeet Singh Surjeet Singh I.Sc Other Delhi 2
Akshay Kapoor Akshay Kapoor Bsc Chemistry PU Chandigarh 3
sdsdf fffgfr sdsdf fffgfr BE BTech NIT Esbjerg 4
Kailash Kumar Jha Kailash Kumar Jha BE BTech NIT Delhi 5
Dasariraju Balajj Dasariraju Balajj BE BTech SREC Tirupati 6
Lalit Sharma Lalit Sharma B.Tourism UPES Delhi 7
Pappu Sony Pappu Sony I.Sc Other Samastipur 8
Anshu Gupta Anshu Gupta B.Com UCC Kolkata 9
Chandan Kumar Chandan Kumar BE BTech NIT Agartala 10
Ronit Kal Ronit Kal BE BTech NIT Delhi 11
Nihar Gosalia Nihar Gosalia MMC Other Delhi 12
Aaa Bbb Aaa Bbb ADBM Other Fremont 13
Biswajit Mondal Biswajit Mondal B.Sc DGC Kolkata 14
Rohit Kumar Rohit Kumar BE BTech ITSEC Mumbai 15
Syed Zahid Hussain Syed Zahid Hussain Other MICA Raipur 16
Gopika K G Gopika K G BA BC Aluva 17
Pooja Arya Pooja Arya BA PWC Patna 18
Nirmal Singh Nirmal Singh BA RU Jaipur 19
Kallyu Chalu Kallyu Chalu D.Arch AK Delhi 20
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