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Name Course College Location yRank
Sanjeev Kumar Sanjeev Kumar I.Sc SEC Rewari 1
Mohammad Shafi Nurmohammad Fajlani Mohammad Shafi Nurmohammad Fajlani Not Specified AU Ahmedabad 2
Ahmed Sabet Ahmed Farrag Ahmed Sabet Ahmed Farrag B.Sc AU Cairo 3
Jang Bahadur Prasad Jang Bahadur Prasad M.Phil IIIT Mumbai 4
Mohammed Nasir Hussain Mohammed Nasir Hussain MBA VIMIT Hyderabad 5
Sakti Ranjan Kar Sakti Ranjan Kar BE BTech KSOU Kolkata 6
Neeraj Singh Neeraj Singh I.Sc SBSC Not Specified 7
Shivarajkumar B Vakkalad Shivarajkumar B Vakkalad BE BTech AIT Bangalore 8
Jaydev Bhattacharya Jaydev Bhattacharya BE BTech MPEC Kanpur 9
Ishwar Tanwar Ishwar Tanwar BE BTech DCTM Delhi 10
Ashwani Kumar Verma Ashwani Kumar Verma BA SAC Delhi 11
Evelyn Harold Evelyn Harold Pharm.D SVDPGC Bangalore 12
Vinoth Baskaran Vinoth Baskaran BE BTech PITS THIRUTHURAIPOONDI 13
Robert Hodson Robert Hodson Not Specified Not Specified Calgary 14
Rajneesh Kumar Rajneesh Kumar BE BTech NIT Delhi 15
Parvathy Rajanish Parvathy Rajanish BE BTech VMKVEC Bangalore 16
Tumpalli Ramesh Tumpalli Ramesh DE MRCE Hyderabad 17
Tashique Amin Tashique Amin BE BTech PCE Nagpur 18
Avinash Tiwari Avinash Tiwari BE BTech NIT Singrauli 19
Subir Bagchi Subir Bagchi Not Specified A2G Services Not Specified 20
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The yRank algorithm
  • Real work proof
    Performance based on freelance projects by companies where they pay and certify for work
    College Information
  • Adaptive intelligence test
    yScores are based on intelligent adaptive tests to determine the True Talent level
    Student Profiles
  • Activeness
    Based on user activity and profile we determine youth with real interest for work.
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