career related queries to be get solved by expert

Hello, I am a student of class 12 in Jaipur city which is known as 'BUSINESS HUB'. I am having some doubts related to my career & for choosing the right career after class 12. I want them to be cleared by an expert counselor in my city


Hi,You have to decide what is your interest it may be engineering,medical,accountant,Teacher,lawyer,etc.Inside each field you have lot of departments avilable.In engineering you have CSE,IT,ECE,EEE,Medical -doctor,nurse,pharmacy.Browse what are all course avilable in your interest field.Sometimes you are able to apply for certain degrees because of kind of group you have chosen in +2.
This link helpful for you,you will career guidence.
Mention your doubt clearly, then it is easier for others to help you better.
All the best ...