Why should we walk on the left side of the road?

In which direction pedistrian move against tha traffic or in the direction of the traffic?

  • Simpi Kashyap
  • 12 Nov
  • 14 Answers

14 Answers
  • In India,it is customary to walk on left side of the road.But if u see in other Western countries,they walk on right side of the road.Hence,it depends on where u live.

  • If you observe the pedestrian traffic in India, not everyone walks on the left side, in fact the pedestrian traffic moves in both directions. So, there are people who walk on their right side as well.

    Despite the fact that walking on the right gives a better view of the oncoming vehicular traffic, some possible reasons for why pedestrians walk on their left or right:
    Need: their origin and destination is on the same side and they needn't cross the road
    They need to get on a vehicle which is headed in the same direction as they are when they're walking
    Psychology/ Assumption: Because the laws mandate vehicular traffic to "Keep left", pedestrians assume that it applies to them too
    Convenience: Pedestrians walk on whichever side is more shaded, cleaner, clearer, safer or convenient to walk. If it happens to be on the left, then they walk on the left, else they walk on the right. Sometimes, they even walk on the centre (under a flyover or over the road divider)
    I don't know how many pedestrians actually pick a side simply because of the view they get of the vehicular traffic. Actually, in the absence of proper footpaths, it's easier to walk on the left and leave the onus of precaution on the vehicles coming from behind. It's easier to blame the vehicle for negligent driving, than having to keep dodging vehicles coming from the front.

  • As in India vehicles are having right hand drive, so As a general rule of thumb, walk facing the oncoming traffic, both on and off pavement. In India, vehicles move through the left side of the road, pedestrians are advised to keep the right side of the road. Hence, specifics depends on your country.

  • It depends upon countrires and based on driver`s view so that pedestrians can be seen clearly. Pedestrians should move against the traffic so that they can see the vehicles clearly and take precautions respectively if they see something is about to happen.

  • It depends upon countries n their rules. They have specific reasons.

  • The pedestrian should move against the traffic so that they can act  cautiously when they  see the vehicles passing by.

  • Their origin and destination is on the same side and they needn't cross the road

  • pedistrian will move direction of the traffic and it will depend which country you are living it will easy to walk on the traffic direction if any vehicle will come our ear will respond

  • According to me we should move on right side of road, beacuse in that case we can see the vehicles coming and can act accordingly if any miss happening is about to occur.

  •  There is rules that "Keep left" while traveling

  • In India, it is left side but if you walk through right side of road then you can encounter the cars against you and if any car prone to an accident you can avoid also thats why Westerns do this

  • It is against / opposite to the direction / side of vehicular traffic. So if the vehicles are keeping to the left - then thepedestrians should walk on the rightedge of road and vice versa.

  • The answers above are totally bullshit. All Traffic must flow in one and only one direction. Pedestrians must walk along that side of the road that is being followed by vehicles.

  • It is best to move against the traffic as you can see the vehicles comming towards you so that you can take necessary action to protect yourself

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