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Name Course College Location yRank
Suman H M Suman H M BE BTech SIT Tumakuru 21
Vel Kumar Vel Kumar BE BTech TOCE Bangalore 22
Sangeetham Hemanth Kumar Sangeetham Hemanth Kumar BE BTech NBKRIST Chennai 23
Greeshma K V Greeshma K V MCA S.H. College Chalakudy Thrissur 24
Harshit Gupta Harshit Gupta BE BTech EC Ajmer 25
Mudrakola Karthik Kumar Mudrakola Karthik Kumar BE BTech SNIST Hyderabad 26
Vikesh Kumar Vikesh Kumar BE BTech NSIT Delhi 27
Mohammad Isaar Khan Mohammad Isaar Khan BE BTech PIET Nagpur 28
Balaji Ootla Balaji Ootla BE BTech IARE Hyderabad 29
Divya Bharti Divya Bharti BE BTech MITS Pali-marwar 30
Sarayu Samyukthaa Sarayu Samyukthaa BE BTech VPMPMAECW Madurai 31
Dastgir Pojee Dastgir Pojee BE BTech RCE Mumbai 32
Sneha Shankar Pawar Sneha Shankar Pawar MCA GCU Mumbai 33
Saikiran Chowdam Saikiran Chowdam BE BTech SU Hyderabad 34
Biswajit Chowdhury Biswajit Chowdhury BE BTech GCETTS Kolkata 35
Atul Tiwari Atul Tiwari BE BTech BTKIT Delhi 36
Ashok Batesar Ashok Batesar BE BTech CET Bikaner 37
Pratap Lokesh Omprakash Pratap Lokesh Omprakash DE JHDP Surat 38
Paritosh Deogharia Paritosh Deogharia BE BTech NIST Bhubaneswar 39
Rajdeep Dey Rajdeep Dey BE BTech UEM Kolkata 40
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