What did the common sense say?

Explain the phenomena with suitable examples and references.

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    The Cambridge Dictionary defines Common Sense as, "The basic level of practical knowledge and judgment we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way."

    Let me share an example.
    A truck was passing the railway track and it was loaded. There was a something like a horizontal bar attached with two poles on the pass. The load was just a few cms above it, that created a lot of trouble there and a traffic jam too. Everyone was giving their point of views. Some were of the opinion to cut that pole, while some were saying to unload the truck and again load it. But the driver was having other plans. He used his COMMON SENSE.
    What he did..?
    He just emptied the air inside the tyres and simply passes the pole. The truck got lowers to few cms. So in this way, he uses his COMMON SENSE. But it is becoming rare these days..!

    Common sense is “Start Listening and Stop Arguments”.

    Sharing some examples of zero level sense --

    1. Stopping your vehicle at traffic lights after crossing pedestrian/zebra crossing.
    2. Spitting chewing gum anywhere and not into bins or after wrapping it in the paper.
    3. Wearing a watch which doesn’t work or whose battery is dead.
    4. When every person standing around you is in attention mode when National Anthem is playing and you keep on walking and talking.
    5. Sitting in your room with opened books just for the sake of showing your parents that you are studying.

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