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Name Course College Location yRank
Bunty Chakraborty Bunty Chakraborty BE BTech GCETTS Kolkata 1
Pradip Patil Pradip Patil BE BTech RCPIT Pune 2
Khankar Yogesh Sakharam Khankar Yogesh Sakharam MCA PICT Pune 3
Rahul M Chougule Rahul M Chougule BE BTech Other Bangalore 4
Prateek Kumar Singh Prateek Kumar Singh BE BTech GCET Noida 5
Yatharth Mahesh Sant Yatharth Mahesh Sant BE BTech ACE Mumbai 6
Konduru Vamsiteja Reddy Konduru Vamsiteja Reddy BE BTech KSRMCE Cuddapah 7
Tejas Narayan Labhashetwar Tejas Narayan Labhashetwar BE BTech KKWIEER Bangalore 8
Rudraksh Kawadkar Rudraksh Kawadkar MCA IIPS Indore 9
Mahendra Jadhav Mahendra Jadhav MCA KKWIEER Nashik 10
Prashant Hatwar Prashant Hatwar BE BTech KITS Hyderabad 11
Ajaz Ur Rehman Ajaz Ur Rehman BE BTech IESCT Bhopal 12
Ashu Kumar Jha Ashu Kumar Jha BE BTech BUIT Bhopal 13
Askhay Anurag Askhay Anurag BE BTech SIT Bangalore 14
Preeti Sharma Preeti Sharma BE BTech PDMCE Delhi 15
Sarani Bhattacharyya Sarani Bhattacharyya BE BTech GCETTS Kolkata 16
Vikas Avineshkumar Sharma Vikas Avineshkumar Sharma BE BTech LDRPITR Ahmedabad 17
Sudhir Singh Yadav Sudhir Singh Yadav MCA AKGEC Ghaziabad 18
Kota Rahul Kota Rahul BE BTech MIST Hyderabad 19
Abhay Rag Gautam Abhay Rag Gautam BE BTech REC Gurgaon 20
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