Difference between java & c++

what is the Difference between java & c++

  • Lavish Mehta
  • 21 Oct
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50 Answers
  • Here, how i wrote answer of jave vs c++ vs python in quora
    C++: You are derived from me my new born baby Java.

    Java: I know but you are too old. People are forgetting you.

    Python: I am the most versatile language and one of the most trending languages in the world.

    C++: But you are still child Python. I am everywhere. Enthusiastic people still like me as twenty years ago my dear Java.

    Java: Ha ha. You are not in android programming C++ and I don’t have pointer kind of boring stuff.

    Python: I also don’t have pointer kind of really boring stuff my friend java and guys I am one of the easiest languages in the world to learn.

    Java: I am faster than you Python.

    C++: I and my brother C is in most of the embedded systems and also in most of the OS(s).

    Python: LOL. A simple hello world program is taken so much time to write for both of you. Just look at me both of you.

    C++: But still people use me for making OS. Ha ha.

    Java: I am the heart of Android programming. Without learning me people can’t make a single android app.

    Python: There is no need to declare variable as integer. I can perform Arithmetic operations on integers without even initializing a variable. Can you guys do this?

    Java: LOL. But further I am telling you are slower than me while execution.

    C++: I am mature. Please stop these fight. We are very useful in our own way. Just understand your importance. Don’t let us down.

    Harshil: You are right C++ but one thing I would like to tell all of you. Without us there is no existence of three of you and you all are useless without us. So keep calm.

    Actually every programming language has their own characteristic or features. you can’t say this programming language is best in all manners. You can say this particular language is the best for particular feature.

  • Java is object oriented programming language whereas c++ is both procedure and object oriented programming language. Java support automatic garbage collection. It does not support destructors as C++ does.  
    .C++ is platform-dependent but Java is platform-independent
    .cpp supports goto statement but Java does not support it.
    C++ supports multiple inheritance andJava doesn't support multiple inheritance through class.

  • The main difference between java and C++ is; Java is platform independent language and it is mainly used for design web based application but C++ is platform dependent language and it is mainly used for design desktop application. Java has method overloading, but no operator overloading.

  • ·         C++ is platform-dependent.
    Java is platform-independent.
    ·         C++ is mainly used for system programming.
    Java is mainly used for application programming. It is widely used in window, web-based, enterprise and mobile applications.
    ·         C++ supports multiple inheritance.
    Java doesn't support multiple inheritance through class. It can be achieved by interfaces in java.
    ·         C++ supports pointers. You can write pointer program in C++.
    Java supports pointer internally. But you can't write the pointer program in java. It means java has restricted pointer support in java.

  • jave is a pure Object Oriented language while C++ means C with Classes where as C doesn't support OOPs.

  • there is no concept of pointers in java while in C++ there are pointers. java is nearly 100% object oriented while C++ is also object oriented but not as much as java.

  • Java has it's own packages to do more and more task easily. Java can run on all platforms but c++ not.

  • C++ is platform dependent. Java is platform independent. C++is mainly used for system programming. Java is mainly used for application programming.like web based, mobile application etc.

  • C++ is an structured and object oriented programming language whereas Java is an object oriented programming language.And C++ does not connect with database Whereas Java does connecting to the database.C++ is used compiler for execution and Java using interpreter.And the most important is C++ is platform dependent language and Java is the platform independent languag

  • There is so many feature are not there in c++ like.. platform independent, robust, distribution support, garbage collector automatically, security, network socket programming, rich UI development, servlet,applet

  • both are object oriented programming language but in c++ multiple inheritance can be implemented whereas java cannot have multiple inheritance instead it can be implemented by the concept of interface. A java class can implements more than one interface. Java is more powerful object oriented programming language.

  • c++ has a pointer but Java does not contain any pointer . c++ supports multiple inheritance but Java doesn't support multiple inheritance C++ is not used to network connectivity but Java is also used for network connectivity All variables are considered as a object in Java but not possible in c++ Java has implicitly garbage collection but c++ has explicitly garbage collection Java is plateform independented language but C++ is plateform depended language

  • java is complete oop c++ is not complete oop (oop=object oriented programming) oop is based on real world

  • C++ is procedure Oriented and object Oriented programming language. Whereas ,Iava doesn't support procedure Oriented programming concepts.

  • Java is platform independent and c++ is platform dependent

  • Java does not use pointers and c++ uses pointer

  • C++ is platform dependent and java is a platform independent

  • 1. Java is platform-independent.C++ is platform dependent. 2. Java doesn't support the goto statement. C++ supports the goto statement. 3. Java is not so interactive with hardware.C++ is nearer to hardware. 4. Java doesn't support operator overloading.C++ support operator overloading. 5. Java uses compiler and interpreter both. Java source code is converted into bytecode at compilation time. The interpreter executes this bytecode at runtime and produces output. Java is interpreted that is why it is platform independent. C++ uses compiler only. C++ is compiled and run using the compiler which converts source code into machine code so, C++ is platform dependent.

  • java is pure object oriented language but c++ is a both procedural and object oriented programming language.

  • Java and CPP both are object oriented programming languages.
    Both the languages provides object oriented features such as classes ,object,data abstraction, encapsulation....etc.
     but CPP is considered
     as a partially object oriented programming language.because it supports both procedure oriented features and object oriented features too.
    Some differences between java and CPP are as follows.
    1.C++ is platform-dependent but Java is platform-independent
    2.cpp supports goto statement but Java does not support it
    3.Multiple inheritance
    C++ supports multiple inheritance andJava doesn't support multiple inheritance through class. This is the main difference between java and CPP
    4.Structure and Union
    C++ supports structures and unions but Java doesn't support structures and unions.
    5.Operator Overloading
    C++ supports operator overloading but Java doesn't support operator overloading.
    6.cpp also support pointer.
    This are some common differences between CPP and java.


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