How is digital marketing cost effective?

Explain in a very crisp manner citing some relevant examples.

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    Digital Marketing Cost effective is said to be right because each and every industry go with online marketing right now there is also a reason that in offline marketing we have to go through the customer and let him appreciate & motivate to buy a product but in online marketing, the strategy is almost opposite here you don't want to go anywhere customer comes to you for buying the product from Online Strategy.

    Offline Marketing:
    1. We have to Reach to the customer 
    2. Branding Promotion cost is high 
    3. Customer is not want to go anywhere for buying products 
    4. Brand promotion in a limited area or location

    Now in Online Marketing 
    1. Brand Promotion Cost is low
    2. Customer is always online because of JIO network
    3. Customer will contact you more 
    4. Reaching to the customer and Brand promotion in vast locations
    5. everyone trusting Online Products now.

    Examples :
    1. Zomato Food ordering 
    2. Ola, Uber Taxi Services
    3. Amazon Online For any product 
    4. every exam are also held by an online process 
    everything is online that why online digital marketing is a cost-effective strategy


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