why induction motor is called Asynchronous machine.

Generally, Induction motor is called asynchronous machine why?

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    Because they does not run on synchronous speed

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    An induction motor generally run on a speed less than synchronous speed that's why called as asynchronous motor. The rotor speed never equals to the synchronous speed due to a factor called slip(s)= stator field speed(N)s - rotor speed(N)r.

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    Because it runs at a speed less than synchronous speed.

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    By induction priciple the rotor tries to catch up the speed of rotating magnetic flux which is rotating at synchronous speed but the rotor rotates in the speed always lesser than synchronous speed so it is called as asynchronous machine

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    Because induction motor can not rotate at synchronous speed it always rotate less than synchronous speed.

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    in short,
    induction motor never rotates at synchronous speed so it called asynchronous motor.

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