How can I improve my written communication?How can I improve my written com

How can I improve my written communication? How can I improve my written communication?How can I improve my written communication?

  • Somnath Das
  • 11 Nov
  • 8 Answers

8 Answers
  • Watch a lot of movies, read plenty of books and try conversing in the language you want to improve your written communication in! 

  • Hello, Somnath. Your written language can be improved upon only by practice. You can start by penning down your thoughts or anything else you like to write on a daily basis. As you fall into practice so will your thoughts and eventually they will be well defined and structured. If you are worried about grammatical errors, remember, we all have to start somewhere even if at first we stumble we finally get the hang of things. So start by making mistakes, see where you are frequently going wrong, read more books(that builds your vocabulary) always try to find a synonym to a word you already know. Learn sentence classes( at least the basic) practice and write consistently and you are good to go.

  • You can writting slowly

  • Yes, I can improve my skills

  • Read read many newspapers and English magazines as you can. You can also complement this with listening to interviews of Hollywood stars with subtitles and try to repeat and recollect by writing.

  • how to improve communication skills

  • -You should try to write short sentences. Short sentences are easier to read than long sentences.
    -Then write short paragraphs.
    -Capitalize the first letter of each sentence.
    -Use people's names.
    - Write a sentence in a simple language and try to use grammar.
    -Be clear and concise.
    -Look for potential misunderstandings.
    -Provide a complete response.

  • This should be your mantra to improve written communication. Also, read grammar related books, stories, etc. 

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