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Name Course Talent Location yMatch
Priyanka Thakur Priyanka Thakur MBA Tax Consultant,Accounting,Data Analysis Hyderabad 1
Bhavi Dhuma Lakshmi Narasimha Bhavi Dhuma Lakshmi Narasimha BA.LLB Communication Skills,Aptitude Hyderabad 2
Avutala Supriya Avutala Supriya BE BTech Communication Skills,Aptitude Hyderabad 3
Naveen Kumar Naveen Kumar MCA Computer Technician,Counselling,MCSA Hyderabad 4
Saidarao Pagadala Saidarao Pagadala MCA Hard Working,Aptitude,Content Writing Hyderabad 5
Ajay Kumar Ambati Ajay Kumar Ambati ME MTech SQL Server,Dot Net,Communication Skills Hyderabad 6
Arjun Babu Arjun Babu BBA Public Relations,Public Speaking,Purchasing Hyderabad 7
Sai Datta Sai Datta ME MTech Running,Cricket,Enjoying Music Hyderabad 8
Monika Mona Monika Mona BE BTech Communication Skills,Quick Learner Hyderabad 9
Mithin Kasthuri Mithin Kasthuri MCA Band Manager,Oracle,Communication Skills Hyderabad 10
N S N Murthy N S N Murthy M.Com Software Implementation,Desktop Support Engineer,Business Development Hyderabad 11
Srinu G Srinu G MCA Public Sector,Public Speaking,Range Management Hyderabad 12
Koppolu Pavani Koppolu Pavani BE BTech Communication Skills,Aptitude Hyderabad 13
Yugatheja Reddy Yugatheja Reddy BE BTech Team Leadership,Time Management,Hard Working Hyderabad 14
Masthan Vali Masthan Vali Computer Technician,Research,Marketing Hyderabad 15
Jesse Joseph Jesse Joseph MCA Typing,Communication Skills,Content Writing Hyderabad 16
Rohith Bandi Rohith Bandi BE BTech MS Excel,Dot Net,C Language Hyderabad 17
Giri Maddalapalli Giri Maddalapalli BE BTech Communication Skills,Aptitude Hyderabad 18
Jeniga Mamatha Jeniga Mamatha Core Java Hyderabad 19
Durishetty Rahul Durishetty Rahul BE BTech Communication Skills,Aptitude Hyderabad 20
Mohd Shashavali Mohd Shashavali B.Com Communication Skills,Aptitude Hyderabad 21
Y Raju Y Raju BE BTech Sound Engineer,Administration,Confidence Hyderabad 22
Vijaya Lakshmi Vijaya Lakshmi MCA Web Developer,ASP Dot Net,C Sharp Dot Net Hyderabad 23
Sk Reshma Sk Reshma B.Com Singing,BPO,Painting Hyderabad 24
Ragamayee Maringanti Ragamayee Maringanti BE BTech Telecommunications,Embedded Systems,Matlab Hyderabad 25
Yaramothu Radha Yaramothu Radha BE BTech Hard Working,Team Work,Computer Knowledge Hyderabad 26
Muthyalu Swathi Muthyalu Swathi MBA Optimistic,Hard Working,Content Writing Hyderabad 27
Narasimha G Narasimha G B.Com Accounting,Credit Analysis,Income Tax Hyderabad 28
Rushishwar B Rushishwar B B.Sc Social Movement,Teaching,Accounting Hyderabad 29
D K Narendra D K Narendra BA Quality System,Computer Technician,Manufacturing Hyderabad 30
Kuralla Tanuja Kuralla Tanuja MCA Core Java,PHP,Web Developer Hyderabad 31
Kaaram Shireesha Kaaram Shireesha MCA Rock N Roll Musician,Secondary School Teacher,Video Games Hyderabad 32
Prasuna Itikala Prasuna Itikala Communication Skills,Aptitude Hyderabad 33
Nani Chinna Nani Chinna BE BTech Market Research,Group Discussion,Civil Sevices Hyderabad 34
Vidyasagar Reddy N Vidyasagar Reddy N MBA Communication Skills,Aptitude Hyderabad 35
Mahaboob Basha Mahaboob Basha BE BTech Software Development,System Administration,Telecommunications Hyderabad 36
Ananta Raviteja Alamanda Ananta Raviteja Alamanda BE BTech Web Developer,Aptitude,Not Specified Hyderabad 37
Madugula Naresh Madugula Naresh BE BTech Confidence,Interpersonal Skills,Technical Skills Hyderabad 38
Sharathchandra Prasad Sharathchandra Prasad B.Ed Public Sector,Racing,Recommendations Hyderabad 39
Venkat Reddy Venkat Reddy BE BTech Cinema Reviewer,Emerging Markets,Travelling Hyderabad 40
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