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Name Course Talent Location yMatch
Durga Priya Kolli Durga Priya Kolli B.Sc.CS Singing,Accessories Designer,Business Intelligence Hyderabad 1
Rintu Dasadhikari Rintu Dasadhikari B.Sc Computer Programmer,Hard Working,Good Comprehensive Skill Kolkata 2
Lakshmi Sailaja Vangara Lakshmi Sailaja Vangara Range Building,Software Development,Technical Skills Vijayawada 3
Sushma Amarneni Sushma Amarneni BE BTech Organising Events,All Rounder,Good Demonstrator 4
Mohana S Mohana S Chester 5
Y. Sravanthi Y. Sravanthi MCS Public Speaking,Typing,Reading Hyderabad 6
Sumitra Godara Sumitra Godara BE BTech Tabel Tennis Player,Computer Programmer,Hard Working Ajmer 7
Govind Bapu Chauhary Govind Bapu Chauhary BE BTech Organising Meeting,Hard Working,Team Work Pune 8
Chaithra P Chaithra P BE BTech Bangalore 9
Omprasada Swain Omprasada Swain BE BTech SQL Server,C Plus Plus,ASP Dot Net Bangalore 10
Mamatha S B Mamatha S B Bidar 11
Punith Kumara K C Punith Kumara K C BE BTech HTML,C Language,Advance Java Bangalore 12
Akrati Mishra Akrati Mishra Software Development,Software Implementation,Software Testing Aligarh 13
Pallavi Sukhwal Pallavi Sukhwal Bhilwara 14
Sunil Kumar Nishad Sunil Kumar Nishad Delhi 15
Mavuduru Surendra Mavuduru Surendra ME MTech Singing,Teaching,Administration Nellore 16
Mallepula Swetha Mallepula Swetha BE BTech Knowledge Transfer,Computer Applications,Easy Solving Rajahmundry 17
Ayushi Dosi Ayushi Dosi BE BTech Singing,Dancing,Creative Art Jaipur 18
Anam Khan Anam Khan BE BTech Public Speaking,Badminton,Creative Art Jaipur 19
Diksha Choudhary Diksha Choudhary BE BTech Jaipur 20
Deepshi Dutta Deepshi Dutta BE BTech Hard Working,Patience,Simplicity Jaipur 21
Kajal Sharma Kajal Sharma BE BTech Communication Skills,Creativity,Punctuality 22
Manindra Jeet Kaur Manindra Jeet Kaur Singing,Oyster Shucker,Creativity Jaipur 23
Aayushi Singh Aayushi Singh BE BTech Jaipur 24
Smita Giri Smita Giri BE BTech Jaipur 25
Anushia Nasim Anushia Nasim BE BTech Jaipur 26
Thakkallapalli Shruthi Thakkallapalli Shruthi BE BTech Core Java,HTML,CSS Hyderabad 27
Anjali Gautam Anjali Gautam BE BTech Virtual Assistant,Communication Skills West Godavari 28
Navya Kotha Navya Kotha Bangalore 29
Rakesh Rakesh Rakesh Rakesh M.Sc Software Implementation,Enterprise resource Planning,Mortgage Banking Faridabad 30
Jinal Bafna Jinal Bafna BE BTech Pune 31
Ravi Shankar Ravi Shankar BE BTech Racing,Digital Libraries,Mind Reader Bhopal 32
Bajirao Subhash Shirole Bajirao Subhash Shirole ME MTech Software Development,Cloud Computing,Computer Graphics Indore 33
Sneha Altekar Sneha Altekar BE BTech Singing,Computer Programmer,Paper Crafts Kolhapur 34
Yuvraj Shete Yuvraj Shete BE BTech Computer Programmer,Core Java,HTML Pune 35
M. Revathi M. Revathi BE BTech Cloud Computing,Core Java,C Language 36
Bhagyashree Rout Bhagyashree Rout BE BTech Singing,Drawing,Painting 37
Aluwala Yakesh Aluwala Yakesh ME MTech Yoga,Acting,Dancing Hyderabad 38
Praneeth Machavarapu Praneeth Machavarapu B.Sc Signal Processing Engineer,System Administration,Value Engineer Hyderabad 39
Ravindra Kumar Ravindra Kumar Network Engineer,Software Testing,Software Applications Bangalore 40
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