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Name Course Talent Location yMatch
Suganya Athi Suganya Athi BE BTech Ruby on Rails Chennai 1
Krishna Neehar Reddy Krishna Neehar Reddy BE BTech Software Development,Software Implementation,Enterprise Software Hyderabad 2
Asis Kumar Padhi Asis Kumar Padhi BE BTech Operating System,C Plus Plus,C Language Bhubaneswar 3
Sakshi Middha Sakshi Middha Core Java,Motivation Skills,Confidence Jaipur 4
Nitish Narayan Nitish Narayan PGDM Server Administration,Account Management,CRM Bangalore 5
Anant Sharma Anant Sharma BE BTech Signal Processing Engineer,Image Processing Engineer,C Language Ghaziabad 6
Talal Syed Mohammed Talal Syed Mohammed BE BTech Dreamweaver,Communication Skills,MS Office Bhopal 7
Sampath Balaji Sampath Balaji BE BTech Quantitative Analysis,Team Leadership,Communication Skills Fonda 8
Pankaj Gangarekar Pankaj Gangarekar BE BTech Communication Skills,Aptitude Indore 9
Abhinav Prasad Gupta Abhinav Prasad Gupta ME MTech SQL Server,MySql Mumbai 10
Nikhil Purandare Nikhil Purandare BE BTech Engineering,Not Specified Mumbai 11
Harshith Tr Harshith Tr BE BTech Football Player,Technical Drawing,Electronics Engineering Gurgaon 12
Veeranjaneya B Veeranjaneya B Sprinter,Core Java,Advance Java Hyderabad 13
Saswati Pattanaik Saswati Pattanaik BE BTech Team Work,Quick Learner,Engineering Kolkata 14
Tapas Mishra Tapas Mishra BE BTech Communication Skills,Aptitude Bhubaneswar 15
Arpit Jain Arpit Jain BE BTech Embedded Systems,C Plus Plus,C Language Delhi 16
Ajay Yagyik Ajay Yagyik BE BTech Computer Programmer,Core Java,C Language Chandigarh 17
Tejender Singh Tejender Singh BE BTech Sempstress,Dancing,Sleeping Hyderabad 18
Taufeeq Abdul Taufeeq Abdul Software Development,VLSI,Computer Programmer Ghaziabad 19
Gadhiya Nirajkumar Devrajbhai Gadhiya Nirajkumar Devrajbhai BE BTech Creativity,Good Understanding,Reading Delhi 20
Thotakura Venkata Sai Kumar Thotakura Venkata Sai Kumar Signal Processing,Telecommunications,Computer Programmer Bangalore 21
Atin Aggarwal Atin Aggarwal BE BTech Telecommunications,Data Entry,Matlab Mohali 22
Sandipan Roy Sandipan Roy BE BTech Computer Programmer,Ajax,HTML Kolkata 23
Abhishek Rana Abhishek Rana BE BTech Robotics,PCB Design,OrCAD Faridabad 24
Asklaasl Askjas Asklaasl Askjas BE BTech Software Development,SQL Server,Web Developer Delhi 25
Nitin Tiwari Nitin Tiwari BE BTech Resource Management,Team Leadership,Workforce Management Kanpur 26
Bhagyashree Pancholi Bhagyashree Pancholi BAE Communication Skills Delhi 27
Birbal Singh Mahala Birbal Singh Mahala BE BTech Core Java,Jasper Reports,HTML Jaipur 28
Sudharani M.S Sudharani M.S BE BTech Creative Problem Solving ,C Language,Android Tumkur 29
Swati Wadhera Swati Wadhera BE BTech Iphone Developer,IOS Programming,Xcode Faridabad 30
Kumareshan Ms Kumareshan Ms BE BTech PHP,C Plus Plus,Dot Net Chennai 31
Kapil Vij Kapil Vij BE BTech Core Java,Android Agra 32
Anil Ch Anil Ch ME MTech Physics,ASIC Physical Design,TCL Tool Command Language Bangalore 33
Vishal Kapoor Vishal Kapoor BE BTech Computer Programmer,Circuit Analysis,Practical Knowledge Delhi 34
Mahendra Sonawane Mahendra Sonawane BE BTech Software Development,SQL Server,Database Developer Mumbai 35
Rahul Ugale Rahul Ugale BE BTech Regression Testing,Unix,User Acceptance Testing Pune 36
Adarsha K R Adarsha K R BE BTech Core Java,C Plus Plus,C Language Bangalore 37
Prashant Soni Prashant Soni BE BTech Labview,Database,Hardware Knowledge Mysore 38
Muthu Ganesh S Muthu Ganesh S ME MTech Software Development,Software Implementation,VLSI Chennai 39
Sreenivasa Rao Kolluri Sreenivasa Rao Kolluri BE BTech Red Hat Linux,Unix,Chess Player Hyderabad 40
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