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Name Course Talent Location yMatch
Sayyad Mohd Saleem Sayyad Mohd Saleem BE BTech HTML Ahmedabad 1
Md Salman Md Salman BE BTech HTML Rourkela 2
Jayanta Singh Jayanta Singh BE BTech HTML Kolkata 3
Pinjar Jafar Sharif Pinjar Jafar Sharif MCA HTML Bangalore 4
Divyanshu Chhabra Divyanshu Chhabra BE BTech HTML Gurgaon 5
Akhil Kumar S Akhil Kumar S BE BTech HTML Bangalore 6
Mohit Velani Mohit Velani BE BTech HTML Indore 7
Shreya Jain Shreya Jain BE BTech HTML Bangalore 8
Namrata Vinod Warke Namrata Vinod Warke MCA HTML Thane 9
Milan Harshadkumar Vadgama Milan Harshadkumar Vadgama BE BTech HTML Mumbai 10
Nishant Kumar Nishant Kumar BE BTech HTML Visakhapatnam 11
Saraswathi R Saraswathi R ME MTech HTML Mumbai 12
Himanshu Singh Kushwah Himanshu Singh Kushwah BE BTech HTML Bangalore 13
Afshan Suheel Afshan Suheel MCA HTML Bangalore 14
Vijayakumar Kulkarni Vijayakumar Kulkarni BE BTech HTML dharwad 15
Shravani V Shravani V MCA HTML Bangalore 16
Sharathkumar Anagandula Sharathkumar Anagandula BE BTech HTML Hyderabad 17
Lakshmi Bhavani Marisetti Lakshmi Bhavani Marisetti BE BTech HTML Vijayawada 18
Badrinarayanan S Badrinarayanan S BE BTech HTML Coimbatore 19
Prashanth Samudrala Prashanth Samudrala BE BTech HTML Hyderabad 20
Raviteja Gubba Raviteja Gubba MCA HTML Hyderabad 21
Harshita Oli Harshita Oli BE BTech HTML Noida 22
Chhavi Chaturvedi Chhavi Chaturvedi BE BTech HTML Jaipur 23
Sahil Godara Sahil Godara BE BTech HTML Delhi 24
Tamanna Kumari Tamanna Kumari BE BTech HTML Bhubaneswar 25
Pawan Kumar Prusty Pawan Kumar Prusty MCA HTML Bhubaneswar 26
Natasha Sharma Natasha Sharma MCA HTML Delhi 27
Gokulakannan T Gokulakannan T BE BTech HTML Chennai 28
Deepak Sunil Kolte Deepak Sunil Kolte BE BTech HTML Pune 29
Gayathri Raja Gayathri Raja BE BTech HTML Kurnool 30
Ramdhayal R Ramdhayal R BE BTech HTML Chennai 31
Mohd Kashif Mohd Kashif MCA HTML Delhi 32
Syed Idrees Syed Idrees BE BTech HTML Chennai 33
T.Deeksha Reddy T.Deeksha Reddy BE BTech HTML Bhilai 34
Jyoti Ambi Jyoti Ambi MCA HTML Bangalore 35
Lalitkumar Jhawar Lalitkumar Jhawar BE BTech HTML Ichalkaranji 36
Sanchita Mangale Sanchita Mangale BE BTech HTML Pune 37
Sujith Musthyala Sujith Musthyala BE BTech HTML Hyderabad 38
Nihaludeen N Nihaludeen N BE BTech HTML Chennai 39
Mayuri Kamdi Mayuri Kamdi BE BTech HTML Pune 40
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