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Name Course Talent Location yMatch
Chanchal Garg Chanchal Garg BE BTech HTML Bangalore 1
K Shirisha K Shirisha BE BTech HTML Hyderabad 2
Sai Harika Prathi BE BTech HTML Hyderabad 3
Palisetti Veera Venkata Naveen BE BTech HTML Hyderabad 4
Abu Haris Abu Haris BE BTech HTML Aurangabad 5
Priya Chaurasia MCA HTML Durg 6
Surendra Mohabe Surendra Mohabe B.Sc HTML Bhopal 7
Baljitsing Chaudhari BE BTech HTML Shirpur 8
Dindupati Charan BE BTech HTML Tirupati 9
Prashanth Biradar Prashanth Biradar BE BTech HTML Bangalore 10
Arunesh Singh Arunesh Singh BE BTech HTML Delhi 11
Kumar Saurabh Praveen Kumar Saurabh Praveen BE BTech HTML Ghaziabad 12
Lakshmi D T BE BTech HTML Bangalore 13
Peta.Lakshmi Bhavani Peta.Lakshmi Bhavani BE BTech HTML Kurnool 14
Manisha Soni MCA HTML Jaipur 15
Siraj Ud Din Dar Siraj Ud Din Dar BE BTech HTML Kanpur 16
Saurabh Verma Saurabh Verma MCA HTML Ghaziabad 17
Utkarsh Bhatnagar Utkarsh Bhatnagar BCA HTML Moradabad 18
Chandan Thakur Chandan Thakur BE BTech HTML Bangalore 19
Sravanthi Narayana BE BTech HTML Hyderabad 20
Raveena Kholia BE BTech HTML Chandigarh 21
Nivedita Kumari Nivedita Kumari BE BTech HTML Asansol 22
Vinay Chouhan Vinay Chouhan BE BTech HTML Indore 23
Amit Kumar Sharma Amit Kumar Sharma BE BTech HTML Delhi 24
Soumyadip Sikdar Soumyadip Sikdar BE BTech HTML Kolkata 25
Logesh Ajith Logesh Ajith DCS HTML Namakkal 26
Palkesh Baraiya Palkesh Baraiya BE BTech HTML Vadodara 27
Prudhvi Raj BE BTech HTML Vijayawada 28
Jayesh D Shelar Jayesh D Shelar BE BTech HTML Nashik 29
Pappu Kumar Pappu Kumar MCA HTML Indore 30
Abhinav Ranjan BE BTech HTML Bangalore 31
Saurabh Sharma MBA HTML Delhi 32
Y Shanmukha Sainadh Y Shanmukha Sainadh BE BTech HTML Vijayawada 33
Manoharan P Manoharan P BE BTech HTML Coimbatore 34
Sachin Santhosh Sachin Santhosh BE BTech HTML Kochi 35
Prashanth Samudrala BE BTech HTML Hyderabad 36
Aditi Mondal Aditi Mondal ME MTech HTML Durgapur 37
Geetha Narayan BE BTech HTML Chennai 38
Agila Agil MCA HTML Coimbatore 39
Saurabh Patel Saurabh Patel BE BTech HTML Bhopal 40
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