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Name Course Talent Location yMatch
Biltu Mondal Biltu Mondal BE BTech Hard Working Kolkata 1
Pooja Kanania Pooja Kanania B.Com Hard Working Kolkata 2
Aastha Batra Aastha Batra M.Sc Hard Working Patiala 3
Siddhartha   Banerjee Siddhartha Banerjee B.Com Hard Working Kolkata 4
Nisha Jha Nisha Jha CA Hard Working Bangalore 5
Bhumika Shukla Bhumika Shukla MCA Hard Working Bangalore 6
Florence Geo P Florence Geo P B.Com Hard Working Chennai 7
Manisha Gomatam Manisha Gomatam BE BTech Hard Working Hyderabad 8
K Naga Vardhan Reddy K Naga Vardhan Reddy MBA Hard Working Hyderabad 9
Nikita Kedia Nikita Kedia B.Com Hard Working Kolkata 10
Avijit Das Avijit Das BE BTech Hard Working Kolkata 11
Mithra R Mithra R ME MTech Hard Working Coimbatore 12
Oankar Singh Oankar Singh MBA Hard Working Gurgaon 13
Ritesh Muhatte Ritesh Muhatte B.Sc Hard Working Pune 14
Abudhalal S Abudhalal S B.Com Hard Working Tiruchirappalli 15
Mohammed Sayeed Ahmed Mohammed Sayeed Ahmed BE BTech Hard Working Hyderabad 16
Mavuri Divya Sri Mavuri Divya Sri BE BTech Hard Working Visakhapatnam 17
Subhas Chandra Mondal Subhas Chandra Mondal DHN Hard Working Kolkata 18
Shivam Sharma Shivam Sharma B.Com Hard Working Mandi 19
Prayas Mahajan Prayas Mahajan BE BTech Hard Working Khargone 20
Sitendar Kumar Sitendar Kumar B.Com Hard Working Jaipur 21
Ajay Kumar K Ajay Kumar K B.Com Hard Working Bangalore 22
Raj Kumar Dwivedi Raj Kumar Dwivedi BE BTech Hard Working Delhi 23
Swati Arya Swati Arya PGDM Hard Working Indore 24
Nitesh Shukla Nitesh Shukla BE BTech Hard Working Pune 25
Lam Sirivennala Lam Sirivennala BE BTech Hard Working Hyderabad 26
Dipal Trivedi Dipal Trivedi BE BTech Hard Working Ahmedabad 27
Maradana Bharath Kumar Maradana Bharath Kumar B.Com Hard Working Rajahmundry 28
Vivek Sonar Vivek Sonar BE BTech Hard Working Chandigarh 29
Bhavani appana Bhavani appana M.Sc Hard Working Hyderabad 30
Anup Digambar Pawar Anup Digambar Pawar ME MTech Hard Working Chandrapur 31
Sathish T Sathish T BE BTech Hard Working Coimbatore 32
Shashank Kumar Srivastava Shashank Kumar Srivastava BE BTech Hard Working Delhi 33
Balaji Rajaboina Balaji Rajaboina BE BTech Hard Working Quthbullapur 34
Shashank Mishra Shashank Mishra BE BTech Hard Working Delhi 35
Zareena M Sulthan Zareena M Sulthan BE BTech Hard Working Bangalore 36
Kirti Gupta Kirti Gupta MBA Hard Working Chandigarh 37
Manojkumar Alapati Manojkumar Alapati BE BTech Hard Working Hyderabad 38
Kancharla Meghana Kancharla Meghana ME MTech Hard Working Rajahmundry 39
Mohit Kumar Kushwah Mohit Kumar Kushwah BE BTech Hard Working Jaipur 40
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