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Name Course Talent Location yMatch
Sasi Kumar R Sasi Kumar R BE BTech Core Java,HTML5,PHP,HTML,CSS Villupuram 1
Bandaru Venkata Hemanth Kumar Bandaru Venkata Hemanth Kumar BE BTech PHP,HTML,CSS,PHP,PHP Bangalore 2
Radhakrishnan Rajendran Radhakrishnan Rajendran BE BTech Core Java,PHP,Web Developer,HTML,CSS Pondicherry 3
Sunny Kumar Sunny Kumar BE BTech Core Java,Web Developer,HTML,CSS Pondicherry 4
Sasikala Djeasankar Sasikala Djeasankar BE BTech PHP,HTML,CSS,PHP,PHP Pondicherry 5
Purnima Kumari Purnima Kumari MCA Core Java,PHP,Web Developer,HTML Pondicherry 6
Manish Singh Manish Singh MCA PHP,Web Developer,HTML,CSS Pondicherry 7
Gogulakrishnan R Gogulakrishnan R M.Sc PHP,Web Developer,HTML,CSS Pondicherry 8
Vasanthan Selvam Vasanthan Selvam HTML5,HTML,CSS Pondicherry 9
Dhinesh D Dhinesh D BE BTech Core Java,PHP,HTML Pondicherry 10
Sudarshan Subramanian Sudarshan Subramanian BE BTech Core Java,HTML5,PHP,HTML Pondicherry 11
Prakash Ramasamy Prakash Ramasamy BE BTech PHP,Web Developer,CSS Pondicherry 12
Baagesh Vinayagam Baagesh Vinayagam BE BTech Core Java,HTML,CSS Pondicherry 13
Mohamed Feroz Mohamed Feroz BE BTech HTML5,Web Developer,HTML Pondicherry 14
Ilambaruthi J Ilambaruthi J ME MTech HTML5,PHP,CSS Pondicherry 15
Pavithra Arul Pavithra Arul BE BTech Web Developer,HTML,CSS Pondicherry 16
Jayapriya Purushothaman Jayapriya Purushothaman BE BTech Core Java,PHP,HTML Pondicherry 17
Ilanchezhian R Ilanchezhian R BE BTech PHP,Web Developer,HTML Pondicherry 18
Sowmiya Vaithianathan Sowmiya Vaithianathan BE BTech Core Java,HTML5,CSS Pondicherry 19
S.Mohammed Rafique S.Mohammed Rafique BE BTech PHP,HTML Pondicherry 20
Sathiyaraj A Sathiyaraj A BE BTech PHP,HTML Pondicherry 21
Pavithra Dachina Pavithra Dachina BE BTech Core Java,HTML Pondicherry 22
Ramachandran A Ramachandran A BE BTech Core Java,Web Developer Pondicherry 23
Arun Kannan Arun Kannan BE BTech HTML5,HTML,CSS Pondicherry 24
Nagarathinam Karunakaran Nagarathinam Karunakaran BE BTech PHP,Web Developer Pondicherry 25
Lazar Savarinadin Lazar Savarinadin BE BTech PHP,Web Developer Pondicherry 26
Dinesh M V Dinesh M V BE BTech HTML5,PHP,CSS Madurai 27
Priya N Priya N BE BTech Core Java,HTML Pondicherry 28
Ganesh Jayaraj Ganesh Jayaraj BE BTech Core Java,Web Developer Pondicherry 29
Fideliis Francis Fideliis Francis BE BTech PHP,HTML Pondicherry 30
Saranya Ravi Saranya Ravi MCA HTML,CSS Chennai 31
Arulraj C Arulraj C MCA Core Java,CSS Pondicherry 32
Ganesan S Ganesan S MCM HTML5,CSS Pondicherry 33
Bharani Arumugam Bharani Arumugam BE BTech Core Java,HTML Pondicherry 34
Durairaj P Durairaj P MCA PHP,Web Developer Pondicherry 35
Sakthivel Punniakodi Sakthivel Punniakodi BE BTech PHP,HTML Pondicherry 36
Siva Sankari Siva Sankari B.Sc.CS Core Java,HTML Pondicherry 37
Vivian Joseph Vivian Joseph BE BTech HTML5,PHP Pondicherry 38
Rajesh Kondabala Rajesh Kondabala M.Sc PHP,HTML,PHP,PHP Pondicherry 39
Arun Kumar.G Arun Kumar.G Not Specified HTML5,Web Developer Pondicherry 40
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