can a mechanical engineer be a good business executive?

what continuous practice one should do to get proficient in the same.

  • Shivani Chandra
  • 06 Nov
  • 5 Answers

5 Answers
  • Obviously, if someone is good at expressing himself about anything, he/she can easily be a good business executive regardless of what are his qualifications.

  • Definitely, I am a mechanical engineer working as sales professional. I am doing it with ease, just you need to devote yourself into your work. Any one can be a good business executive irrespective of qualifications.

  • Yes, if He/She try do the best as He/She can, then may be sure He/She will get an extra knowledge about the all details related to the Business Things, And that will be help him to be a Good Business Executive. 

  • Obviously, Practice makes a man perfect right....

  • If I talk about becoming a Business Executive irrespective of his engineering degree; yes definitely he/she can be a good Business Executive.He /She has to follow management rules and practice them with attention.e.g.Learn delayed gratification , learning organisation culture,try to think on other's point of view or perception and always learn irrespective of the position of the person. Finally I would like to recommend that always think positive , change perception.

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