What is the purpose of play?

Explain the phenomena with suitable examples and references.

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    Why don’t we play like little children still play?
    We are too damn serious and set in our ways
    I think if we played more and worried a lot less
    We’d all be more creative, less anxious, less depressed.

    Why don’t we explore and use our imaginations?
    Not limit ourselves but think beyond our education
    Kids look at an object without knowing its function
    In awe of the colours, the texture, and construction.

    Why don’t we feel nature as little children feel?
    Running hands over pine needles, walking barefoot through fields
    Not caring about stains or if they get messy
    ‘Cause it’s a wonderful feeling to experience the sensory.

    Why don’t we wake like little kids in the morning?
    Breaking into song or dance without warning
    So alive and ready to take on the day
    Excited for every opportunity to play.

    Why aren’t we more friendly as little kids like to be?
    Not phased or deterred by race, age or creed
    Giving smiles and “Hellos!”s or ask “How are you doing?”
    We should take notes from these tiny humans.

    Play is absolutely essential if you want to live a more creative life. Just look at the world through the lens of a child. When we are children, we are constantly playing. 

    If you observe children at play, you can see this magic at work. Children will come up with names for themselves. They decide what the rules and parameters are without the help of adults.

    They are also masters of storytelling. They are not bound by the limits we impose on ourselves when we get older. The limits of physics, biology, and chemistry do not hold them back from creating new worlds.

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