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Name Course College Location yRank
Aditya Gakhar Aditya Gakhar BE BTech HMRITM Delhi 1
Samriti Goel Samriti Goel BA JDMC Delhi 2
Keshav Raj Kothari Keshav Raj Kothari MBA DAVPGC Delhi 6
Sangeeta Paul Sangeeta Paul B.Sc MH Delhi 5
Divyanshu Tiwari Divyanshu Tiwari BA CVS Delhi 4
Shirin Fatima Shirin Fatima BE BTech JHU Delhi 3
Girish Mishra Girish Mishra Delhi 13
Azhar Wahaj Ijtaba Azhar Wahaj Ijtaba MBA YMCAUST Delhi 10
Pranay Kumar Pranay Kumar BE BTech CAE Delhi 11
Abhay Chaurasia Abhay Chaurasia BE BTech RKGIT Delhi 9
Himanshu Sharma Himanshu Sharma BE BTech SLIET Delhi 8
Rajat Shrama Rajat Shrama BE BTech SCE Delhi 14
Sneha Kashyap Sneha Kashyap BE BTech MRIU Delhi 7
Mingma Lhamu Bhutia Mingma Lhamu Bhutia BA Other Delhi 12
Rajiv Ranjan Darad Rajiv Ranjan Darad MBA BIMT Delhi 18
Sayantan Mukherjee Sayantan Mukherjee PGDM IIPM Delhi 19
Niraj Kumar Niraj Kumar VPC Delhi 20
Gaurav Kumar Shukla Gaurav Kumar Shukla MCA RRSSC Delhi 16
Gopi  Chandra Gopi Chandra ZHCET Delhi 15
Varun Vats Varun Vats BE BTech NIEC Delhi 17
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