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Name Course College Location yRank
Piyush Kumar Piyush Kumar MMM Pune 1
Aniket Sinha Aniket Sinha PGDM BIIB Pune 2
Sumeet Agrawal Sumeet Agrawal Bsc CE STES Pune 3
Nagesh Bannawade Nagesh Bannawade BE BTech TCER Pune 4
Abhijeet Vasant Kutval Abhijeet Vasant Kutval BE BTech PCE Pune 5
Rohan Patil Rohan Patil BE BTech Other Pune 6
Imran Sadikot Imran Sadikot MMM SIBACA Pune 10
Santhosh V Santhosh V ITI NTC Other Pune 7
Rahul Zodge Rahul Zodge ITI NTC ITI Pune 11
Rushikesh Vilas Pawar Rushikesh Vilas Pawar Other RITP Pune 12
Harshvardhan Nivas Patil Harshvardhan Nivas Patil BE BTech BVCE Pune 8
Neha J Neha J DE Other Pune 9
Gulzar Singh Gulzar Singh Bsc CE SCET Pune 13
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  • Activeness
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