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Name Course College Location yRank
Vivek Singh Shah Vivek Singh Shah BE BTech SGVU Noida 1
Deepanshu Rajora Deepanshu Rajora FSE UPES Noida 2
Manish Kumar Singh Manish Kumar Singh BE BTech UPTU Noida 4
Vishwaprakash Tiwari Vishwaprakash Tiwari BE BTech DITM Noida 5
Gourav Razra Gourav Razra Other Other Noida 3
Lalita Kumari Lalita Kumari BE BTech IEC CET GREATER NOIDA Noida 6
Robin Tomar Robin Tomar BE BTech Noida 9
Jaspreet Singh Jaspreet Singh BE BTech SDEC Noida 10
Abhijeet Kumar Abhijeet Kumar ME MTech MNNIT Noida 7
Vaibhav Gupta Vaibhav Gupta BE BTech ASET Noida 14
Himanshu Mishra Himanshu Mishra BE BTech JSSATE Noida 13
Chhotu Kumar Chhotu Kumar BE BTech ITSEC Noida 12
Abhishek Choudhary Abhishek Choudhary BE BTech AU Noida 8
Arvind Kumar Vyas Arvind Kumar Vyas BE BTech ICET Noida 11
Amar Verma Amar Verma BE BTech MAIT Noida 16
Akshat Srivastava Akshat Srivastava BE BTech AIAE Noida 18
Manisha Kumari Manisha Kumari AU Noida 19
Roohmoney Roohmoney BE BTech UNIT Noida 15
Pankaj Kumar Pankaj Kumar BE BTech AKTU Noida 17
Kapil Parashar Kapil Parashar BE BTech ASET Noida 20
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