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Name Course College Location yRank
Rana Rushirajsinh Pradipsinh Rana Rushirajsinh Pradipsinh BE BTech SALCE Ahmedabad 1
Dhaval Panchal Dhaval Panchal Bsc Chemistry GASC Ahmedabad 2
Ritanshu Sharma Ritanshu Sharma B.Com GU Ahmedabad 3
Vidya Vijayakumar Vidya Vijayakumar B.Com HLIC Ahmedabad 6
Bret Allen Bret Allen M.Sc SMPIC Ahmedabad 4
Nupur Mehta Nupur Mehta BE BTech MEF Ahmedabad 5
Khrawkupar Kharshiing Khrawkupar Kharshiing BA NEHU Ahmedabad 10
Shuja Hussain Shuja Hussain PGDM IIM Ahmedabad 12
Jaideep Mukerjee Jaideep Mukerjee Other Other Ahmedabad 8
Bhavesh Chavda Bhavesh Chavda BE BTech PDPU Ahmedabad 11
Yashraj Chawla Yashraj Chawla BE BTech SITER Ahmedabad 7
Vishalsingh Kushwah Vishalsingh Kushwah M.Sc GU Ahmedabad 9
Vignesh Karthick Vignesh Karthick Other Other Ahmedabad 13
Namya Shah Namya Shah BE BTech PDPU Ahmedabad 14
Chaitali Ratda Chaitali Ratda BHMS SCHMC Ahmedabad 20
Avneesh Raj Avneesh Raj I.Sc APS Ahmedabad 19
Arvind Choudhary Arvind Choudhary BE BTech VGEC Ahmedabad 18
Saloni Chudgar Saloni Chudgar BE BTech AU Ahmedabad 17
Santosh Pillai Santosh Pillai B.Com RJTCC Ahmedabad 15
Sreenidhi Parasuram Sreenidhi Parasuram B.Arch NU Ahmedabad 16
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