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Name Course College Location yRank
Md Saleem Qaisar Md Saleem Qaisar BE BTech JETGI Singapore 1
Deepthi Tikare Muralidhara Deepthi Tikare Muralidhara BE BTech JNNCE Singapore 2
Anand Kumar Anand Kumar BE BTech AIIM Singapore 6
Prateek Kumar Singh Prateek Kumar Singh BE BTech GLBITM Singapore 4
Min Ko Min Ko BE BTech Other Singapore 5
Amyra Peterson Amyra Peterson BE BTech CVRCE Singapore 3
Raju K Raju K ABS Singapore 8
Suraj Ranjan Khamari Suraj Ranjan Khamari MCA PTU Singapore 7
Dinesh Charan Dinesh Charan SNU Singapore 9
Jasmita Zope Jasmita Zope B.Sc UM Singapore 12
Siddharthkumar Patel Siddharthkumar Patel BE BTech IITV Singapore 11
Ashish Kakar Ashish Kakar Bsc CS NUS Singapore 10
Sonia Savant Sonia Savant ME MTech KLEIT Singapore 14
Guo Jiaqi Guo Jiaqi BCS NUS Singapore 13
Anish Jha Anish Jha BE BTech AIT Singapore 17
Manpreet Kaur Manpreet Kaur NIT Singapore 16
Senguttuvan Sethuraj Senguttuvan Sethuraj BE BTech KVCET Singapore 15
H. Lakshita H. Lakshita PGPM ICST Singapore 20
Madhu Nika Madhu Nika ME MTech CC Singapore 19
Soundarya Reddy Soundarya Reddy BE BTech CMRTC Singapore 18
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  • Activeness
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