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Name Course College Location yRank
Rekha S Rekha S BE BTech JIT Chennai 1
Y Sasi Kumar Y Sasi Kumar BE BTech VEC Chennai 2
Kumaresh Babu J.V Kumaresh Babu J.V MCA KLNCE Chennai 3
Sunil Mandiwal Sunil Mandiwal ME MTech VIT Chennai 4
Haritha S Haritha S BE BTech VTEC Chennai 5
Abdul Mushtaq Ahmed Mohammed Abdul Mushtaq Ahmed Mohammed BE BTech KLU Chennai 6
Ramya Sridharan Ramya Sridharan B.Sc AMJC Chennai 8
Saiprasad Amudala Saiprasad Amudala BE BTech DSKGIET Chennai 14
Abhishek Narayan Abhishek Narayan BE BTech MSIT Chennai 13
Atchayaa R Atchayaa R BE BTech SKCET Chennai 9
Trusartta Kumar Mahanta Trusartta Kumar Mahanta MCA OUAT Chennai 11
Janani Kannan Janani Kannan MCA JBASCW Chennai 10
Gopi S Gopi S DIMAP SNNPC Chennai 12
Aarthy P C Aarthy P C BE BTech SU Chennai 7
Suganya M Suganya M BE BTech KEC Chennai 18
Vikas Vijay Vikas Vijay MCA TKMCE Chennai 15
Gopinathan Murugesan Gopinathan Murugesan BE BTech PEC Chennai 17
Santhiya P Santhiya P BE BTech REC Chennai 19
Vaishnavi Modem Vaishnavi Modem BE BTech SU Chennai 16
Sandhiya Santhakumar Sandhiya Santhakumar Other Other Chennai 20
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