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Name Course College Location yRank
Jessica Olivia Dsouza Jessica Olivia Dsouza BE BTech PACE Bangalore 1
Kunal Patil Kunal Patil BE BTech SIER Nashik 2
Kumar Narayan Kumar Narayan BE BTech VITS Indore 3
Ippili Chiranjeevi Ippili Chiranjeevi BE BTech HU Hyderabad 4
Ashwinkumar M Ashwinkumar M ME MTech RVCE Bangalore 5
Vivek Kumar Vivek Kumar BE BTech MMMUT Gorakhpur 6
Amit Machhiwal Amit Machhiwal ME MTech MNIT Bangalore 7
Shuvam Kumar Shuvam Kumar BE BTech SIET Bhubaneswar 8
Sarvesh Kumar Yadav Sarvesh Kumar Yadav MCA NIET Gurgaon 9
Jorge Guadalupe Valdes Galvez Jorge Guadalupe Valdes Galvez Ingenieria en Sistemas de Informacion Other Mexico City or Ciudad de México 10
Indrajit Chandrakant Dhamal Indrajit Chandrakant Dhamal MCA MITP Pune 11
Urvashi Sharma Urvashi Sharma BE BTech VGI Greater Noida 12
Vandna Choudhary Vandna Choudhary MCA IITM Delhi 13
Rahul Sunkara Rahul Sunkara BE BTech AGI Hyderabad 14
Srinubabu Ravilla Srinubabu Ravilla BE BTech Other Hyderabad 15
Bhavitha Valpishetty Bhavitha Valpishetty BE BTech CMRTC Hyderabad 16
Ashutosh Sahu Ashutosh Sahu BE BTech GNIT Greater Noida 17
Gannu Rahul Gannu Rahul BE BTech SREC Warangal 18
Varun Aggarwal Varun Aggarwal BE BTech UIET Chandigarh 19
Tiwinkumar K Tiwinkumar K BE BTech IIE Coimbatore 20
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