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Name Course College Location yRank
Sujipriya Sujipriya BE BTech SNSCE Coimbatore 1
Manikantan S Manikantan S MCA KKIT Coimbatore 2
Naveenkumar S Naveenkumar S M.Sc SSTC Coimbatore 3
Sandhiyatharani Sb Sandhiyatharani Sb B.Sc SKASC Coimbatore 6
Manivasakam R Manivasakam R MCA IIM Coimbatore 5
Sandheep Saji Sandheep Saji B.Sc VLBJCAS Coimbatore 4
Narmadha Govindaraj Narmadha Govindaraj BE BTech DNGPIT Coimbatore 8
Prabhakaran S Prabhakaran S MCA Coimbatore 13
Jaya Rajendran Jaya Rajendran M.Sc CIT Coimbatore 7
Karthik Gowtham Karthik Gowtham BE BTech SRIT Coimbatore 11
Sampath Rajaraman Sampath Rajaraman BE BTech SRIT Coimbatore 9
Antony Raj Antony Raj BE BTech CIET Coimbatore 12
Dhivya V Dhivya V M.Sc DSNSRCAS Coimbatore 10
Gowthami Saranya Ramamoorthi Gowthami Saranya Ramamoorthi BE BTech UIT Coimbatore 14
Ranjithkumar Manickam Ranjithkumar Manickam BE BTech Coimbatore 20
Preethi KG Preethi KG MCA DJAME Coimbatore 15
Vinodh B Vinodh B MCA SRIT Coimbatore 16
Saravanan P Saravanan P B.Sc MAC Coimbatore 19
Divya R Divya R BE BTech ACET Coimbatore 18
Pradeep Kumar Pradeep Kumar BE BTech KCE Coimbatore 17
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