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Name Course College Location yRank
Nagaraja K S Nagaraja K S ME MTech IIT Bangalore 1
Avinash Gowda Avinash Gowda M.Com GFGC Bangalore 2
Sandhya Sheshadri Sandhya Sheshadri B.Com Other Bangalore 5
Saroj Kumar Dwivedi Saroj Kumar Dwivedi BE BTech RU Bangalore 4
Shreya S D Shreya S D B.Com MCC Bangalore 6
Madhukeshwara G Madhukeshwara G BE BTech DSCE Bangalore 3
Santosh Kumar B Santosh Kumar B CA SCJC Bangalore 12
Giridhar Shenoy Katrisal Giridhar Shenoy Katrisal B.Com PIM Bangalore 7
Sheetal Patil Sheetal Patil B.Com KU Bangalore 8
Krishnappa N Krishnappa N MBA RNSIT Bangalore 9
Krishnan  A Krishnan A BE BTech ASEB Bangalore 14
Divya K Divya K MBA RCRIMT Bangalore 13
Gayatri Hegde Gayatri Hegde MBA RVIM Bangalore 11
Archana Singh Archana Singh MBA CMS Bangalore 10
Samudrala Ramprasad Samudrala Ramprasad B.Com ODC Bangalore 18
Srinivas Mulagaleti Srinivas Mulagaleti CA ICAI Bangalore 19
Sunil K Sunil K B.Com IGNOU Bangalore 17
Santhosh M Santhosh M MBA ICFAI Bangalore 20
Asha Sudheer Asha Sudheer B.Com ICWAI Bangalore 16
Agney Gokul Agney Gokul B.Com PC Bangalore 15
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