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Name Course College Location yRank
Vipin Kumar Vipin Kumar B.Sc DBRAC Noida 1
Supriya Singh Supriya Singh Other Other Noida 2
Suneet Kumar Sharma Suneet Kumar Sharma BE BTech KCCEIT Noida 4
Parth Srivastava Parth Srivastava BE BTech GLBITM Noida 3
Mohammad Umar Shibli Mohammad Umar Shibli MCA BIT Noida 5
Amit Singh Amit Singh B.Com DU Noida 6
Amit Singh Amit Singh BE BTech SVIT Noida 9
Chandra Prakash Chandra Prakash BE BTech IEC Noida 10
Sandesh Thathoo Sandesh Thathoo B.Sc Other Noida 11
Mohit Singh Mohit Singh BE BTech LPU Noida 14
Swati Krishna Swati Krishna BBM JDWC Noida 7
Devendra Prasad Devendra Prasad MBA RIMS Noida 13
Kshitij Sharma Kshitij Sharma B.Com AU Noida 8
Shivam Kaul Shivam Kaul BE BTech IMSEC Noida 12
Farhana Perveen Farhana Perveen PGDM IAME Noida 16
Manoj Upadhyay Manoj Upadhyay MBA GCET Noida 17
Sunidhi Singh Sunidhi Singh I.Sc GU Noida 19
Chitra Awana Chitra Awana Other Other Noida 15
Kanoj. S. V. Kanoj. S. V. Other Other Noida 20
Rohit Nangal Rohit Nangal B.Sc ASMS Noida 18
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