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Name Course College Location yRank
Faheem K Faheem K BE BTech TKMIT Kozhikode 1
Mohammad Salman Mohammad Salman Other Other Andheri 2
Aman Sharma Aman Sharma BE BTech KU Bangalore 3
Korangi V V N D L Srinath Korangi V V N D L Srinath BE BTech GIET Hyderabad 4
Vinayak Shetty Vinayak Shetty BE BTech AIET Mumbai 5
Shaik Shouif Ali Shaik Shouif Ali BE BTech VTU Gulbarga 6
Kaushik Kumar Dolai Kaushik Kumar Dolai BE BTech HIT Haldia 7
Izaz Ahammed Izaz Ahammed BE BTech CMJU Kolkata 8
Sasikala Durairaj Sasikala Durairaj BE SAEC Chennai 9
Mukesh Verma Mukesh Verma AIT Delhi 10
Vaibhav Kumar Vaibhav Kumar BE BTech JISCE Delhi 11
Siva Prasad Kintala Siva Prasad Kintala BE BTech DSGIET Hyderabad 12
Titas Kumar Sarkar Titas Kumar Sarkar BE BTech NPTI Delhi 13
Shashi Kumar B S Shashi Kumar B S BE BTech JNNCE Bangalore 14
Pankaj Kumar Pankaj Kumar BE BTech BIT Mumbai 15
Neelakandan Jaisankar Neelakandan Jaisankar BE BTech TEC Chennai 16
Shahbaz Arif Shahbaz Arif BE BTech MDU Rohtak 17
Afhal Paravath Afhal Paravath B.Tech MESCE Malappuram 18
Rifa Jamal MP Rifa Jamal MP BE BTech TNCE Ernakulam 19
Rahul R Rahul R BE BTech IIE Doha 20
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