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Name Course College Location yRank
Kapil Sharma Kapil Sharma BE BTech DTU Delhi 1
Rishabh Gupta Rishabh Gupta BE BTech ASET Delhi 2
Nalla Srikanth Nalla Srikanth AIIMS Delhi 4
Mohit Dev Sharma Mohit Dev Sharma BE BTech MPSTME Delhi 5
Shivani Bhatnagar Shivani Bhatnagar MCA RDIAS Delhi 3
Legal Deskpro Legal Deskpro MBA MDU Delhi 6
Chandrababu Venneti Chandrababu Venneti SIST Delhi 14
V.C. Mishra V.C. Mishra M.Sc SMU Delhi 7
Kavita Namdev Shinde Kavita Namdev Shinde Delhi 11
Rajesh Kancharana Rajesh Kancharana MCA SSGMCE Delhi 13
Brijesh Rai Brijesh Rai B.Sc ACE Delhi 8
Srinivasan Kasyap Srinivasan Kasyap Delhi 12
Ankur Agarwal Ankur Agarwal BE BTech NIT Delhi 9
Sampratick Roy Sampratick Roy BE BTech KIITCE Delhi 10
Vinay Kumar Gupta Vinay Kumar Gupta MCA RSSM Delhi 15
Tarun Tyagi Tarun Tyagi MCA IME Delhi 16
Shiv Jeet Singh Shiv Jeet Singh BE BTech UCER Delhi 17
Amit Vyas Amit Vyas BE BTech USIT Delhi 18
Vikas Kumar Vikas Kumar MCA KNIT Delhi 19
Kunal Bundela Kunal Bundela BE BTech MDU Delhi 20
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