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Name Course College Location yRank
Sumeet Choudhary Sumeet Choudhary BE BTech ADCET Indore 1
Mayank Tiwari Mayank Tiwari BE BTech AU Indore 2
Gourav  Nannore Gourav Nannore BE BTech SGSITS Indore 6
K Badal Kumar K Badal Kumar BE BTech CIPET Indore 3
Pranav Bhangale Pranav Bhangale BE BTech IIST Indore 4
Pradeep Patel Pradeep Patel MBA SIRTE Indore 5
Vaibhav Bakore Vaibhav Bakore BE BTech SVVV Indore 9
Ajay Prakash Singh Ajay Prakash Singh BE BTech MIT Indore 7
Umang Jain Umang Jain BE BTech MIT Indore 8
Uddeshya Pathak Uddeshya Pathak BE BTech NIE Indore 14
Ashish Kumar Agarwal Ashish Kumar Agarwal ME MTech IET Indore 12
Md Azharuddin Md Azharuddin Other Other Indore 10
Lokesh Rajput Lokesh Rajput BE BTech ATC Indore 11
Pooja Kumari Pooja Kumari Diploma electrical Govt polytechnic clg nasrullhaganj Indore 13
Bhushan Dharaskar Bhushan Dharaskar BE BTech IIST Indore 15
Gurjeet Singh Saini Gurjeet Singh Saini BE BTech ATC Indore 20
Jaya Lalwani Jaya Lalwani BE BTech SGSITS Indore 16
Mayank Ostawal Mayank Ostawal BE BTech SGSITS Indore 17
Manish Manker Manish Manker BE BTech SGSITS Indore 18
Vivek Panicker Vivek Panicker BE BTech JIT Indore 19
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