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Name Course College Location yRank
Rajinder Kumar Rajinder Kumar B.Com HC Ludhiana 1
Mohit Kaura Mohit Kaura BE BTech CU Ludhiana 2
Basu Jain Basu Jain BE BTech ITM Ludhiana 3
Lekh Raj Thakur Lekh Raj Thakur B.Com BIPS Ludhiana 5
Ashwani Kumar Ashwani Kumar DCA ANC Ludhiana 4
Jaswant Kaur Jaswant Kaur Master of punjabi PU Ludhiana 6
Nikhil Sharma Nikhil Sharma PGDM Ludhiana 7
Arvind Verma Arvind Verma PTU Ludhiana 10
Ajay Sharma Ajay Sharma MBA LPU Ludhiana 11
Vishal Shukla Vishal Shukla B.Com SGTBKC Ludhiana 8
Kuldeep Pathak Kuldeep Pathak BA GNDU Ludhiana 9
Monika Rani Monika Rani MBA LPU Ludhiana 12
Gurvinder Pal Singh Gurvinder Pal Singh BE BTech GNDEC Ludhiana 13
Sukhmeet Singh Sukhmeet Singh DEC GNDPC Ludhiana 14
Deepak Goyal Deepak Goyal BE BTech GNDEC Ludhiana 17
Varun Pandey Varun Pandey BE BTech GGI Ludhiana 15
Jashanpreet Singh Jashanpreet Singh B.Com GNIMT Ludhiana 16
Jaspreet Kaur Jaspreet Kaur MCA GNDEC Ludhiana 20
Pooja Thakur Pooja Thakur B.Com S.d.p college for woman Ludhiana 18
Drishti Jain Drishti Jain B.Ed Malwa central College of education ldh Ludhiana 19
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