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Name Course College Location yRank
Jagadeesh M Jagadeesh M BE BTech MCE Tiruchirapalli 1
Gaganil Sharma Gaganil Sharma ME MTech PEC Chandigarh 2
Karikati Haswanth Karikati Haswanth BE BTech VTDRRDSRTU Chennai 3
Vikas Vaijinath Sonawane Vikas Vaijinath Sonawane BE BTech MIT Aurangabad 4
Rotricx Vijay Rotricx Vijay BE BTech MAMCE Bangalore 5
Mohit Kumar Mohit Kumar BE BTech SITM Delhi 6
Anish Kumar Verma Anish Kumar Verma BE BTech MPEC Kanpur 7
Rahul Choubey Rahul Choubey ME MTech NITTTR Bhopal 8
Mohammed Abdul Kareem Mohammed Abdul Kareem BE BTech PDACE Gulbarga 9
Kothakota.Lsms.Pavan Kum R Kothakota.Lsms.Pavan Kum R BE BTech SMCE Guntur 10
Ratikanta Nayak Ratikanta Nayak BE BTech SCITM Bhubaneswar 11
Joshua Aranjo Joshua Aranjo BE BTech PCCE Goa 12
Akhil Khandelwal Akhil Khandelwal BE BTech BIT Durg 13
Samarpeet Chandan Samarpeet Chandan BE BTech VSSUT Delhi 14
Nikhil Gupta Nikhil Gupta BE BTech NIEC Delhi 15
Vijay Madhukar Teli Vijay Madhukar Teli BE BTech DDACE Karad 16
Parth Pithva Parth Pithva BE BTech GECB Ahmedabad 17
R Mouli Naik R Mouli Naik BE BTech GNIT Hyderabad 18
Abhishek Avinash Davkhare Abhishek Avinash Davkhare BE BTech ACE Pune 19
Akash Choudhary Akash Choudhary BE BTech GBP Noida 20
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