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Most Asked Question

With the excellent quality of assessment, how come Youth4work’s assessment pricing is so low?

To each and every company who tried our assessment solutions, this was the first doubt they had. ☺ They could not believe that at our quality, the price can be so low vis-a-vis our competitors.

So, the answer is:

  1. We believe 'Assessments' is a SaaS solution , and like most SaaS Applications the pricing should depend on period not how much you use.
  2. technology – The truth be told, the Power of technology is to enable scale. Cost of conducting the same test for 1 person may be 'x' but for 100 people most certainly not '100x'. Well, our technology is good J. We charge for a little more than what it costs, and we believe that is how it should be.
  3. Let technology speak, Lower the Cost of Sales, Pass benefits to customers - We love and are proud of our technology, our technology helps people use it themselves, and we try to spend as little on sales team and whatever we save on improving the tech to serve our existing and future customers better.

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