What is the importance of ERP?

How Tally Software reduces the burden of accounting professionals? Is there anyone to explain this?

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  • In the accounting realm, Tally has bought many advantages to the organizations. The newer version of Tally is Tally ERP 9 version. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the software that helps in integrating all departments and functions. It helps in mixing up the business into a single system thereby serving the needs of every department.

    The software serves its customers better and works more efficiently when compared to manual accounting. ERP framework has the power to interact with sectors like marketing, sales, quality control, products processes, supply lines, stocks.

    ERP software is very important as it involves facilitating the enlisted ones.

    Increase in the effective communication of different departments
    Allow employees to get access from different locations
    Involves in the streamlined process of various departments
    Helps in managing the company’s finances
    Helps in higher productivity with reduced errors

    Looking at the marketing standpoint, it helps people to see how the business reveals in certain areas. ERP has the beneficial point that reveals the areas of opportunity and hence improvements are made simultaneously. ERP provides valuable data and analytic information.

    It helps in understanding the customers better and gives the ray of insight. The insight helps in tailoring the marketing strategy of a particular company. The software helps in easier communication with customers. Thereby, it helps in providing better customer service.

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