What services are provided by Accounts Payable Outsourcing Companies?

Services provided by accounts payable outsourcing companies 1)P2P (Purchase to Pay) is an automated system that covers the process from buying the product and services to pay for the product and services. Services provided like -Create Requisition -Create PO -PO authorization -Sending authorized PO to the requester -Receipt of Invoice -Invoice approval -Posting of Invoices in the accounting system -Pay the invoices 2)Supplier Reconciliation suppliers statements are reconciled with the accounts payable ledgers as same as bank balances are reconciled with the cash accounts. 3)Payment Process is about the automated payment to the supplier. 4)Handling Supplier calls there are 2 types of handling the call inbound and outbound. an inbound call is about a customer calling the business and outbound is about when a business call the customer if they have any requirement. For reference https://www.ibntech.com/accounts-payable/

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