How do I record cash sales and credit sales in Tally?

In Tally, what are the steps involved to record cash sales and credit sales? Can anyone explain me in detail?

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  • Tally ERP 9 has become the best handy tool to handle several accounting needs. There are diverse voucher types available in the software. It helps in recording different business transactions. The records are kept for future reference. Let us know how to record the cash sales and the credit sales in the Tally software. 

    Every enterprise earns profit either sale goods and services after the customers’ purchase. Sale has become a major aspect of every organization. So, Tally software helps in keeping a record of cash sales and credit sales of a concern. 

    Here come the steps to record cash and credit sales of an enterprise

    Before moving on to the voucher creation, it is necessary to create Sales ledger under the Sales Account Group. In Tally ERP 9, Sales Voucher Type is there. It is mainly used during sales transaction cases. 

    Step 1:
    Enter into the gateway of Tally screen, select Accounting Vouchers

    Step 2:
    After selection, you will find a type of voucher opened

    Step 3:
    If you wish to change the voucher type to Sales voucher, select the Sales button in the button area. 

    Step 4:
    Alternatively, press the F8 key in the keyboard. 

    Step 5:
    Select the date of the transaction

    Step 6:
    Debit the cash account ledger and enter the amount

    Step 7:
    Select Account ledger for credit and enter the amount. Save the Accounting Voucher Creation screen and successfully record the session.
    These are the steps to be followed in order to record the sales and credit transaction. Now, let us see the steps to record credit sales. 

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  • you will have to create cash sale ledger under sale a/c ground .. after you can record the cash sale voucher if you wish record the credit sale .then you can choose the sale account ledger ..

  • below than Rs.10,000 cash entry book direct in cash

  • Cash Sales A/c---------Dr Credit Sales A/c-------Dr To Debtors name / Sales A/c

  • hiii

  • It is to be mentioned in cash ledger i.e. cash sales..... credit voucher for credit sales with the name of creditor and his account would be maintained

  • Tally Provides Two types of Sales Entry.
           Accounts Invoice: – This Type of Voucher is used for creating Service invoices, sales invoice for Traders who does not want to keep the track of stock. In this invoice we bill Income heads like, Professional charges, Consultation fees, sales Ledger Etc.
    For Example, An agency is charging “Agency Charges”from his client. In this case we bill Agency Charges. As far as accounting concept Agency Charge is an income Ledger .and in the Account invoice we will mention this Ledger

  • If you are doing the sale in cash then entry will be posted as cash sale ledger other it will be posted to vendor's ledger (credit sale)

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