How to overcome the terrorism ?

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  • Free Quality Education,Jobs,Respect.

  • terrorism can only be overcomed when we all take a step and start living with love and care in or hearts for everyone.Never blame community or anything for terorrism becouse it starts a chain of hate.

  • Education and gud governance can only overcome terrorism . 

  • It's all about a personal growth and behavioral control. All the insecurities, impatience towards society must be self controlled or the people around him/her especially family must look after his behavior activity. Also, he must be aware of all the consequences of being such a cruel person. 

  • all good morals within humanity will certainly diminish the bad things. 

  • To overcome the terrorism. First we have to tell rest people do not participate is these kind of activities even don't let your relatives to do. Then we have to increase the level of education and make them to that terrorism make only loss of humanity or their society only education is the only source by which the can get over from their current situation. Just like the situation in kashmir, the youth didn't know what is he doing and for whom. Because the don't know the results of that, they were taught by terrorism leaders or terrorism supportive leader to expand that terror by doing all non violence activities. By disturbing indian army because they think that they are their enemies. But if from the birth they get taught that we should love our country we should support our people of society. We must get education. This kind of thinking will lead to overcome the terrorism 

  • how do i know about that pooja

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  • People should teach their children from the beginning tht terrorism is not a good deed, rather, every children should be taught from birth what is right and what's wrong.. the world will itself become a place full of care and love

  • terrorism can only be overcomed when we all take a step and start living with love and care in or hearts for everyone.Never blame community or anything for terorrism becouse it starts a chain of hate.

  • According to me , educating the society is the step which should be taken to avoid terrorism because unawareness is the reason people drag themselves into this area

  • Terrorism can not be tackled by bilateral talkings. It is not possible . Because terrorist are the sick minded people who cannot get what they want from society by fair ways. So they choose such cult groups and a leader who use them for his purpose. So talks only sends message that we are accepting a lower hand in the game. It must be tackled forcefully so that to crush the very start ie. The group leader so to stop the idea from flowing again. This will help to give message that terrorism will not be tolerated and also delays the formation of further such groups which helps defence services to stop such things at the start of its beginning.

  • Giving respect to everyone and to Love each other without hatered....??peace

  • It's not at all easy thing to overcome but We should aware of the suspicious situations.

  • With love and care for others. Do not blame particular community for terrorism. And with tolerance you can counter terrorism.

  • A great question indeed. As today many countries including INDIA is a major victim of terrorism. Many innocent lives end. The circumstances are that we are not safe in our own home. Isn't it horrifying?
    Terrorists mean to frighten and therefore scare a wider crowd, such as a rival ethnic or religious group, an entire country and its political control, or the entire international community. Do you want to BLAME or take the NAME of any particular country? Then YES, you can, because now the US also believes so. 

    To understand this we must know WHY TERRORISM even exists:-
    1. Extreme Poverty
    2. Over-Population
    3. Illiteracy
    4. Unemployment
    5. Extremism & Sectarianism
    6. Weak Social Bonds
    7. Political Instability
    8. Institutional Evasions
    9. Anathema of Social Injustice
    10. Social Imbalance & Regional Disparities
    11. The proliferation of Weapon of Mass Destruction

    Controlling terrorism then becomes very simple- Firstly- ask 'how to create peace?' instead of 'how to control/overcome terrorism?'. 
    When you ask "how to create peace?" you put your focus on peace and that becomes your field of attention rather than 'terror or terrorism'.
    The ways can be:-
    1. Uniform Opportunity Mechanism- Let them do what they want to do with their lives rather than giving them guns in tender age, and give them fake lessons in the name of GOD.
    2. Employment
    3. Role of Mass Media
    4. Literacy
    5. Alleviation of Poverty
    6. Role of International & Regional Organizations
    7. The policy of Dialogue & Political Engagement
    8. Restoration of Writ of State
    9. Combating Religious Militancy
    10. National Consensus
    11. Effective National Security Strategy
    12. Global Cooperation
    13. The atmosphere of Strategic Reconciliation
    14. Choking Supplies of Financial Oxygen
    15. Development Based on Equality & justice.
    And the best of all:: Use Sir Narendra Modi's definition and strategy.

  • To overcome terrorism:its a threat caused on the political front ,emnating from religious grounds.If you want to overcome terrorism and promote harmony ,you should understand how this threat  initially originated.Insecurity among individuals is the main cause to give grounds to the threat.Values,Human beliefs are another contributing factor, if these are violated,yes the damage could be exceedingly hazardous to the countries,communities and societies all over the globe.

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