Change the density of Polyurethane thermoset/Elastomer

Hello, I have Prepared a Polyurethane material from Polyol and Isocynate that are available commercially. I do not know which Polyol and which Isocynate it is. So I want to ask two questions: 1. How can we know about the type of Polyol and Isocynate? 2. How can I change the density of formed Polyurethane without changing the type of Polyol and Isocynate and without the addition of fillers?

  • Amandeep Singh
  • 16 oct.
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1 Respuesta
  • Hi Amandeep Singh,


    I am not a expert in polyurethane, but I am going to share what I know about polyurethane.

    For question 1,
    The Polyurethane have urethane linkage which is formed by the reaction of the polyol and the diisocynate. This can be easily predicted by using some spectroscopic methods and little analysis. 
    Say for example, If you can take a FTIR of your sample. The FTIR will reveal that what kind of polyol and diisocynate which is being used. You should know something about the FTIR interpretation, so that you can do such wonders.

    For question 2,
    As  you have not mentioned anything about your end product and mostly polyurethanes are used in the field of foams. I would like to say that the reduction of blowing agent will reduce the amount of blowing which adversely reduce the volume of the final product with same weight. This can increase the density of the material without changing the type of polyol and diisocynate and without the addition of fillers.

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