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Trek plus ride on a fine Sunday
Sandhan Valley! Awesome experience it was.
The group scaled down from 6 to 3 people. Went for the ride anyway. Left the city at 7 am.
A two hours ride from home to the destination. We found out it to be an awesome road to travel. After reaching, we had a thrilling experience of off-roading on the volcanic rocks and testing our Beasts up to the limit.
We lost the entrance and had to wander for an hour in search of it. We found it finally at 10:30 am.
After entering the valley, the feeling we got was really mesmerizing. The nature's touch! Peaceful!
There was no specified pathway to guide us through the valley. We had to choose our own way in and out. The valley bottom was filled with medium & big size rocks. Some of them were enormous.
It took us around two and half hours to get down at a point from where we could see this narrow Valley disappearing into a bigger one.
It could actually be defined as the heaven's gate!
The cool breeze and the sound of the nature took us to the optimum level of comfort.
We were carrying water bottles and biscuits which were really helpful to keep us hydrated and moving. On our way back, we found a natural water source. This water was getting filtered by the rocks and was accumulating in a pit. The pit had a leaf at the opening, which worked as the natural beak of the pit and helped up fill our bottles.
It took us around an hour and half to climb back to the top and meet our Beasts.
We left the valley at around 2:30 pm in search of food. We found a restaurant at 3:30 pm and had our delicious lunch.
We left back for Nashik at around 5 pm and covered up the distance in one and a half hours. Finally reaching back at 6:30 pm, we concluded our first ride to remember! #Ride_for_Respect #Royal_Enfield #bullet #Ride_to_Remember #True_Wanderers
P.S: Sandhan Valley is the place where Airtel 4G's advertisement was shot. We found out, no service provider was able to provide network in that Valley. 4G is next to Impossible.
Abhishek & Swapnil did a great job while riding & trekking. We forced ourselves to test our limits. We helped each other on and off the road and were able to travel safely.
We followed adequate safety standards and cruising guide lines on road.
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