Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Git, Apache web server, Unix and Linux
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I'm Currently working with Indus Business Systems Limited as a capacity of System Engineer
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System Engineer
Indus Business Systems Limited
Tiempo completo abr.-2008 A mar.-2015 6 años 11 meses
  • Linux

System Engineer
Indus Business Systems Limited
Tiempo completo abr.-2008 A la fecha 11 años 7 meses
  • Confident product based environment experience: Linux/Unix and MS Servers
    Managing and administering remote Linux Servers/Systems
    Confident of Installing, Configuring, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting Standalone Servers/Systems
    Rebuilding the servers by kickstart
    Configuring User, group, and Administration User Management
    Disk Configuration & Management, file systems
    Configuring the LVM and adding the additional disk space as per Team request
    Creating, Resizing and Removing the Volumes
    Managing the use of disk space and memory
    Trouble shooting file system crash, disk space problems
    Booted machines at various run levels, took machines to single user mode for backups, package & patch installation and troubleshooting the problems
    Administering Performance monitoring and tuning
    Performance tuning and monitoring using netstat, iostat, vmstat and sar
    Experience in application server administration activities
    Installation and maintenance Apache/HTTPD web serve
  • Successfully done Oracle Database Server environment set-up made any configurations needed
    Successfully done Apache web server and Load balancing concept
    Successfully configured tomcat clustering
    Successfully setups VSFTP server with SSL/TLS
    Achieved taking backups of the data, using cron jobs scheduler as hour bases and weekly bases
    Successfully monitored all the servers and desktop systems using Cacti open source monitoring tool
    Achieved taking backups of all the data developed by development team, using cron jobs and rsync hourly and daily basis
    Successfully configured SVN server and using it as primary repository server at current location
    Successfully making backup of primary repository server repositories using rsync tool
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Master of Business Administration, Systems
2018-2020 Puntuación30%

Bachelor of Commerce, Content Writing
Sri Krishnadevaraya UniversitySri Krishnadevaraya University
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Gujjar Raghavendra tiene talento en Git, Apache web server, Unix and Linux y otros talentos. Gujjar vive en Hyderabad y ha estudiado Systems, MBA-Master of Business Administration desde el año 2018-2020 en GITAM-Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, ?????? ?????????????.