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Hey ! Well I'm finally Here !
Your imagination is your preview of lifes coming attractions. Albert Einstein This is Jayne Grace Fuentespinas life mantra. Since her birth in Malabon Metro Manila to her years spent in Cebu City, she has made it point to strive for her goals, which were nothing less than her grandest dreams. One of Jaynes dream is to become a Web Designer and Programmer. Another is to build her own music industry in her beloved province. As for now, she is taking strides in making her imagination become her reality. Jayne attended University Of San Carlos where she was chosen as one of the scholars of Passerelles Numeriques, an NGO giving education to opportunity-less. She excelled in Web designing using only HTMLs and CSS. While at USC-TC, Jayne stablished herself as self-starter and a good student through her classes. She did many designs that can be seen in the cloud of networks. In her spare time, Jayne enjoys making songs composing and playing guitar and singing with her co-scholars especially when they are having their Computer Laboratory hours. She also love to go explore and have adventures with her friends .

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