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Youth for work tests talent, build profile and provide opportunities for the youth to find appropriate job according to their talent. It is not only for job seekers, but also recruiters, students who are MBA aspirants and looking for a good college. Your degree wont be the only criteria to get you a good job, but it will be your talent and your area of interest and expertise. Youth4work provides a platform to assess your talent with my tests in almost every field possible, be it human resources, marketing, Java, general awareness. It also has a Placement Board, which provides preparation material and tests for entrance exams and placements. After these assessment tests, yrank is generated which helps the recruiters know about your talent. Students in colleges can also connect to their college profile and share their experience, study material and all other relevant information. Job seekers can find jobs according to their location and company preference. For recruiters there are a variety of services available to find the perfect employee. They can post a job for free and contact the applicants up to 8 every day. Also, there are premium services available wherein the workload of finding an employee is reduced. Youth4work gives them pre-assessed job seekers tested and ranked according to their talents and manage the recruiters business effectively by giving them screened resumes to find employees quickly. Youth4work is fresh and has the potential of changing the way social media can be used to recruit people. Both the company and job seekers can create profiles and find something that matches their needs. It has a very different business model and personality from other recruiting firms. There are chances that it might disrupt the recruitment industry because today the market is shifting to sourcing, talent analytics, interview management and searches from traditional recruitment. There can be a turnaround in the headhunting game because everyone can be their own guard. Everyone is an expert because they have all the information available and there is no need to spend big chunks of money on others. At youth4work I will be able to enhance my communication skills because for recruiting and selecting people one needs to have the marketing skills to convince others. One needs to know how to present the content of the job how to market the job appropriately and lure active and passive job seekers.

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