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Motivations are the key to success and I do believe in that. That game changer would come from anywhere at anytime so be the searchers of inspiring words in every walks of your life.

You should have someone or something there to motivate you otherwise our strides to realty would become slower and weaker. In one way we all are caged birds living like chained souls from it's first day of finding the light. So we hardly know whether there is any world is out there or not. The strong iron walls of the cage put its end lines for our thoughts and our thoughts shrink inside the terrible parameters of that iron boundaries.

Religion, faith, our circle of friendship, our limited narrow gauged thoughts, are here the realtime cages. But we can turn such determinants into a free world of thoughts, one of the ways in which it can be done is through listening to the music of motivations.

What motivate me is my transient existence in this world. The reality is my real presentness with this very instant of inscribing words. I have my motivations, be it a person or a relevation of reality I live with it and walk with its short lived paths. Its almost reached halfway and think.. Accomplish your humble dreams through the paths of motivations.

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