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An English Memoir
Peter was busy with his journey when I emailed him about English saga in world Cup cricket 2019, he was sailing with his wife by the sea in Denmark. He is my acquaintance from a trekking day and has been more than a friend in every kind words so far, yes, it's all about words, powerful delicate words that revolves in between us, with all care and love. Busy touring all around the world, Peter is now in his late seventies and it seems its just not even a number before him but just a callous calculation. The more he gets the calculus of ageing the better he becomes. Yes I am telling the truth, I saw it anyway, and like his wife said he was a damn wild sheep when he is on the mountains, the southern part of Western Ghats in India probably would have wondered at this young man even at his nearing eighty stage.

I'm still missing from that good a year-old trekking days so as Peter, may be, Uh , cause it's not necessary to work with him or even meant for him like mine. I'm not here to belie the facts especially when it comes to be in touch with foreign people but it's true. What else is there for such a trekking guide like me whenever I have guests but some tales of a few curious moments. But to him, I'm one in a million guides, moreover he is now going across many other faces like mine, so thats the point. But it's a perfect memoir for me where I walked miles with them, many extras did the trick anyway, it melted the ice though, in between us cause he was a rough man on his arrival, terribly ignoring everything that went near him as a welcome gesture. Nevertheless, I have to say this, his lovely wife, all smiling, trying to neutralising all the negative impressions that could have inflicted upon him thanks to those attitudes but it's just a cover. He was a great man in all respects. A caring fellow indeed.

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