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Its not right to say that you cannot prepare yourself for the exams if you dont have the necessary material to prepare for!
The best feature about youth4work is that it allows us to give test which are time based, which helps us to understand the problem and give the solution in a minute. Expands the mind and also gives the answers to check whether we are right or wrong!
This, not only helps us to find the correct way to deal with the problem but also allows us to compare ourselves globally which is an outstanding feature and one of the best.
People across the globe can test their knowledge and find out where they stand globally.
People inviting other people for discussions.
People of any background can communicate with people of other background.
Jobs, insights, view the rank of a candidate across the globe, etc helps in making youth4work an exception amongst the other desired application and website's.
Finally, according to me, the best feature of youth4work would be to know your ranks according to your knowledge, globally!

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