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Why Nokia and Microsoft Can Challenge Apple and Beat Google
This information is taken from... http// Nokia and Microsoft announced a strategic alliance that could define the futures of both firms. They had no choice because, right now, Apple is the company for both to beat. It isnrsquot Google with its Android offering, and you can confirm this by looking at the drama at Verizon and how T-Mobile positions itself against ATT and Verizon. Revisiting the Unbeatable iPhone The iPhone is an iconic product backed by the single strongest marketing-driven company in the consumer electronics market today, if you measure strength by profit, valuation and the ability to drive a market. It has more applications than any other platform and it is the only product in its class that has people lining up to buy or preorder it. Currently, the Verizon product isnrsquot selling as well as expected, but that isnrsquot because of a competing offering, it is because people preordered or are waiting for the iPhone 5. The only real limitations the iPhone has is that Apple tends to be a U.S.-centric company, which means that the iPhone does better here. Also, Apple is carrier-bound, which means that it initially only existed on ATT and now only exists on ATT and Verizon in the U.S. There is one other weakness the iPhone shares with the other smartphones and that is the cost of the data plan. If you could uniquely address this, there might be a way to surprise Apple. Irsquoll get back to this in a bit, but Apple enters this year not limited by Google, but limited by its own decisions. No one has ever beaten Apple by chasing it. No Mac-like product ever beaten the Mac, no iPod-like product ever beaten the iPod and no iPhone-like product has ever single-handedly beaten the iPhone. It is likely that no iPad-like product will ever beat the iPad. But Windows did beat the Mac OS and Palm clearly eclipsed the Newton. You can flank Apple or you can benefit from an Apple error, but when it is on its game, you canrsquot catch the company from behind.

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