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What is Phishing?

Phishing attacks is one type of fake login page.

In this attacks Hacker make a login page.

It looks like a facebook login page, instagram login page etc.

It’s like you cannot find any difference between Original Facebook login page and Fake login page.

Fake login page is exactly look like an original page.

This fake page called Phishing page.

Now, Hackers design a Phishing page with the use of scripting language like HTML, CSS etc.

And The data which Victim enter reach to Hacker with help of Java script, PHP etc.

Then they publish that page’s link to victim.

If victim do login with that page’s link then his/her password will be directly send to the Hacker by the Internet.

Why people login in that page?

People don’t know that this is fake page…

Why would people go for it?

Hackers know that what thing you like and for which thing you will be most attracted,

It could be anything

Suppose Here is my friend Jack

I know that Jack likes 8 ball pool game so much and if i will tell him that

Hey bro, here is the latest version of 8 ball pool please check it out,

And then I’ll send Phishing page to Jack.

He will definitely login in that page.

Now you Know that,

What is phishing page and How it works.

I’ll show you an example of Phishing page in my next blog.

Thank You

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